Updated FAQ regarding Public Sale

Updated FAQ regarding Public Sale

Topic: Sale Mechanics

What are the benefits of buying $SIPHER at IBCO and not after the public sale?
When should I buy during the 72 hours of IBCO?
Will the 40,000,000 $SIPHER tokens reserved for Public sales be locked and|or vested after?
During the IBCO what is the advantage of depositing early vs later?
What are some of the projects that have done an Public Sale and what were the performances?
What is the market cap for $SIPHER token?
What are the token prices in the Seed round or Strategic round?
Why is the Public Sale price higher than the Seed Sale price?
What price will the IBCO most likely end at and how will the price perform after? Will there be a large upside?
During the IBCO, prior to the end, can I withdraw my money after depositing?
Do users need gas to commit/withdraw $SIPHER after purchase? How much will gas cost to deposit and withdraw my money (ETH)?
What if whales come in and buy them all?
Why isn't the token price fixed?
What is the token distribution?
Will there be a cliff (lock-up) and vesting period for the tokens released via public sale? What about the tokens distributed in other methods or to other groups?
What happens when I use the "withdraw" function within the Public Sale? Why does the dashboard show "locked tokens" during the public sale, does this mean I won't be able to transfer or trade my tokens after the sale?

Topic: Claiming, Trading, Staking & Liquidity Provision

I've deposited and contributed funds (ETH) in order to receive $SIPHER tokens. When do I receive my tokens?
After the public sale ends, and I claim my $SIPHER tokens, how can I view the amount of tokens I own within MetaMask?
Will $SIPHER be listed on Uniswap? When?
Will $SIPHER be listed on a Centralized Exchange like Binance, FTX, OKEx, Houbi etc? When?
What are the details about the release schedule of 30.4% tokens allocated to Game Incentives & Marketing. What does it mean by “release over time based on demand”
When will there be staking? Will there be rewards for $SIPHER/$ETH liquidity provision?

Topic: Ethereum network, Metamask, Trezor Wallet

If you are having trouble connecting your wallet and you're using Metamask, please try the below instructions
Can I use my Trezor hardware wallet?
Can I use WalletConnect?
Why is Mobile currently not supported? UPDATE: MOBILE IS NOW SUPPORTED BY 10:00 UTC

Topic: Legal

Which countries are not allowed to participate in the IBCO?

Topic: Funny things we hear on the Discord floor

Wen moon? Why not moon? (Please don't be this person 🤦‍♀️)

Topic: Other important links


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