Sipherian Council of Nine - Selection Process

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The council members will be selected via a hybrid method - some candidates for Council Seats will be nominated and voted on by the community, while other candidates for Council Seats may be nominated for, and even selected by the Sipher team.

Please note that all members considering a place in one of the seats must meet the following minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements to be Elected to the Council of Nine

  1. Known Identity - Candidates must, before nominating themselves for Election to the Council of Nine, provide Contact and Personal details to the Sipher Team. The Information will be kept strictly confidential. Further, the Candidate's real name should be made known to the community.
  2. Alignment of Interests - The Council of Nine must, at all times, own at least 1 SIPHER NFT (and by extension, have the 'True Sipher' role on Discord).
  3. Time Commitment - Must be able to commit the number of hours necessary to perform all tasks required of you throughout this tenure to enable that the Council operates smoothly with its intended purpose. There is no minimum amount of hours at this moment but there may be one later on.
  4. Communication Ability - As the Council will be likely be composed of a group of multinational individuals, a common language must be used to conduct Council Business - as such, Council Members must be able to communicate effectively in English.
  5. Family or Relatives - To allow for a fair Council decision process, a person cannot apply for a seat in the Council if there is a family member or relative currently holding one of the council seats.
  6. Avoidance of Conflict of Interests - Due to access to sensitive and/or privileged information about Sipher as a Member of the Council of Nine, Council Members must not hold other lead positions (e.g. Moderator, Community Manager, or Owner, etc) in other Projects for the duration of their tenure.

Selection Process

The selection process consists of various steps, which are listed and described below:

  1. Nomination
    1. The nomination process is the first step of the selection process. There will be a nomination period, whereby members can self-nominate for a seat in the Council. The nomination period for each election is one week and members that self-nominate after the deadline will not be considered for that particular election.

      This process will be managed within the Sipher Discord server and will be dependent on the Type of Council Seat:

    2. Core Sipher Team Member (One seat) → The Core Sipher Team Member will be nominated and selected by the Sipher Team internally.
    3. Volunteering Moderators (Two seats) → Moderators that are volunteering (not paid by Sipher) will be able to self-nominate via internal communication channels. Afterwards, they will be put up for a vote by the community, who will select two out of all the self-nominated Moderators.
    4. Faction Leaders (Three seats) → There will be a total of three Faction Leader seats, one for each of the three factions (Shade Brotherhood, Maximalist Templars, and Centurion Scholars).
    5. Each of these factions will have their nomination process happen separately, in a specific thread within the respective faction channels in the Sipher Discord server. More than one person from each faction can self-nominate.

    6. Community Leaders (Three seats) → Members of the community can self-nominate, regardless of whether they belong to a faction or not. There will be a specific channel within the Sipher Discord server for Community Leader nominations.
  2. Voting and Selection
    1. As mentioned previously, the Core Sipher Team Member will be selected by the Sipher Team internally.

      The voting process for the Moderator, Faction Leader, and Community Leader nominations will occur right after the nomination deadline is closed. Voting will be open for the following periods:

    2. Community Leader seats (3) → @December 9, 2021 → December 11, 2021
      • After the voting deadline is finished, the three candidates with the most votes will be selected as the Community Leaders and appointed to the three seats in the Council.
    3. Faction Leader seats (3) → @December 12, 2021 → December 14, 2021
      • After the voting deadline is finished, the candidate with the most votes for each of the Factions will be selected as the Faction Leader AND appointed to their respective seat in the Council.
    4. Volunteer Moderator seats (2) → @December 15, 2021 → December 17, 2021
      • After the voting deadline is finished, the two candidates with the most votes will be selected as the two Moderator Council members.

      Refer to the "Voting Process Overview" section of the

      page for further details on the voting process.

  3. Re-elections
  4. During the first iteration of the council, the first nine elected council members will have slightly longer tenure to ensure that there is a proper baseline set. Once this initial tenure is completed, each of the Council seats will be up for re-election.

    After this first iteration of council seat re-election, each of the Council seats will be up for re-election on a six (6) month basis. There is no limit on how many times a Council member can self-nominate to remain in their position, however, they will go through the normal voting process each time, against other candidates.

    The voting re-election process for each of the Council seats will follow a monthly rotation. Refer to the page linked below to view the planned rotations for each of the Council member positions.

    Council Monthly Rotation