Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Last Revision: @October 15, 2021

Article Status: Released


Each project and initiative will be monitored and reviewed on a periodic basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly) depending on the type of project, timeline, and expected completion date.

Project Monitoring

There will be one or more council members assigned to each of the projects, each of whom will assist with the review process and serve as advisors to those projects.

  • If during the review process, the assigned council member(s) determine(s) that the deliverables are appropriate, then the Builders may continue working on their project or initiative.
  • However, if the assigned council member(s) determine that these deliverables have not been met, or that reasonable progress has not been made, then they can escalate the issue to the Council.

This will be an iterative process in which the Council should be fully communicating with the Builders. A few factors will be taken into consideration, such as whether this is the first delay of the deliverables, or if the project requires more funding or time than initially proposed.

The Council will vote and decide whether this is something that requires a formal "Grant Review" process. If it does not require a formal Grant Review, the council members can work with the Builders and agree on revised deliverables, timeline, or budget and will communicate this to the Community. However, if a formal Grant Review process is necessary, this will be put up for the community to vote.

Formal Grant Review Process

After an active project or initiative has been nominated for a formal Grant Review process, Builders are given a chance to submit a Defense or a Re-Proposal. This allows them to justify the reasons of not meeting deliverables or making appropriate progress. If they wish to proceed, they must formally document this in a template that will be provided, similar to the proposal template that was initially completed as part of the initial proposal process.

This document will then be provided to the Council, whom will post it as a re-proposal or defense within a specific channel in the Sipher Discord server, which the community can then view and vote on (Refer to the

). There will be a specified amount of time for submitting a defense or re-proposal, and funds will be paused until the defense or re-proposal is approved.

If the community's majority vote is to accept this re-proposal or defense, then the Builders may continue working on the project or initiative under the new specified timeline and budget. However, if the community rejects this, the project or initiative will be terminated. It will then be removed from the list of currently active projects, and an official statement will be provided by the Council to the community.