Project Completion & Rewards

Last Revision: @October 15, 2021

Article Status: Released

Project Completion

A project is considered complete once it has met all deliverables. The project's assigned Council member that has worked with the Builders will perform a final check to ensure that the project has effectively been completed based on the timeline, deliverables, etc. After they have determined the project to be completed, it will be added to a "Completed Projects" channel within the Discord. Further, each of the Builder team's members involved will receive the official "Builder of Sipheria" role in the Discord in addition to a certain amount of Nanochips for their efforts (the amount will vary from project to project).


We believe that the Builders of a project should be rewarded accordingly. That's why, in addition to any funds that were considered "labor costs" for Builders, Sipher could potentially also provide them with Nanochips for helping the community.


Nanochips will be used as a means by the Sipher Team to reward both community members who lend their skills to the Nexus' Building Projects, as well as for community members who act as participants in these projects / initiatives. In terms of its use, Nanochips can be redeemable for future in-game cosmetics, future whitelist slots, or even free SIPHER Genesis NFTs.

How to Earn Nanochips

There are multiple ways to earn Nanochips. Some of these are included below:

  1. Participating in and completing a project, or some of its deliverables → Individuals that form part of a team of Builders that bring a project from start to finish will be awarded Community Points at a higher rate. This will be dependent on the scope and complexity of the project.
  2. Participating in Regular Events → Individual that take part in schedule Art or Music commissions, Twitter raids, Votes, etc. Any future Events that award Nanochips to participants will be clarified from the start.
  3. Volunteer Time → Individuals that have devoted a lot of their time and efforts to make our community a great place, all without receiving any form of payment. Some of these could be mods, adjudicators (see "How will Nanochips be Awarded?" section below), or creators and helpers in the community that love our project. This will be determined by either the amount of activity, time, or actions noticed by the team. Requirements and criteria for awarding Nanochips to these members will be clarified in the future.
  4. Sipherian & Mods of the Month → Some Sipherian members and Moderators who have gone above and beyond will be nominated by the Sipher Team once a month, for the Community to vote on their Sipherian and Mod of the Month. These will be recognized by the Sipher Team and will be awarded a specific amount of Nanochips.
  5. Seasonal Events → There will be various Special Events, quests, and activities where we will award members for participating. Note that these are not necessarily tied to future NFT releases.

How will Nanochips be Awarded?

Nanochips will be awarded based on the type of contribution, and will be distributed by Adjudicators on a weekly basis.

Adjudicators are individuals that will be in constant watch, observing how members interact with one another and what they contribute, and will also award Nanochips. They must be neutral towards members, always objective and not having preference of certain member(s) over others. They will be given certain guidelines and criteria for awarding these Nanochips. Additionally, the Council of Nine can provide recommendations of members that the Adjudicators can award, based on involvement or completion of projects or initiatives.

Note that Nanochips can be removed if the member has committed a "crime" or broken the rules one way or another. Additionally, members that get banned from the Discord server will lose their Nanochips altogether.

What can I spend my Nanochips and where to claim?

Given that Nanochips are only a Discord "currency", these can only be utilized within the Discord and have no monetary value. There will be new channels added into the Sipher Discord server, which will contain stores or virtual locations where you can spend your Nanochips. These stores will be facilitated by Discord bots and will allow you to view the various "items" that you can spend your Nanochips on.

Note that most, if not all, of these items will be reflected via Discord roles.

Refer to the list below for some of the stores and respective purchasable "items" below:

  1. Cyber Market (Active Purchase) 💲
    • Lucky Draw Ticket to participate in raffles
    • Participate in Special Auctions
    • Private Sale Passes for future races (i.e. TORI, BURU, etc.)
    • Free Genesis Sipher NFTs (i.e. INU, NEKO)
  2. House of Antiques (Passive rewards) 🌆
    • Byte Devotionis (Bytes of Devotion) - 1 Private Sale Pass for every future race
    • Kilobtye Honoris (Kilobytes of Honor) - 2 Private Sale Pass for every future race
    • Megabyte Fidei (Megabytes of Faith) - 3 Private Sale Pass for every future race + Voting Rights Acquired
    • Gigabyte Gratiae (Gigabytes of Grace) - 1 FREE Mintpass + Voting Rights Acquired
    • Terabtye Fortitudinis (Terabytes of Might) - 1 FREE Mintpass + 1 Private Sale Pass for every future race + Voting Rights Acquired
    • Petabyte Scientia (Petabytes of Science) - 1 FREE Mintpass + 2 Private Sale Pass for every future race + Voting Rights Acquired + Exclusive Access to Private Instagram Page for Sneak Peaks ahead of the public
  3. Den of Ventures → Location where certain members that achieve certain roles can be selected for monthly lucky draws, raffles, and giveaways.
  4. Liquid Dreams → [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]