Community Voting Process

Last Revision: @October 15, 2021

Article Status: Released


The community will be the main factor that determines whether a candidate is elected into a Council seat and whether a proposal turns into an active project or initiative. This will be achieved via a voting system where Citizens of Sipheria decide on the outcome.

Voting Eligibility (Citizens of Sipheria)

1. Sipher NFTs

To facilitate this process, Sipher plans to make use of the Sipher Discord server and bots that verify ownership of Sipher NFTs such as Collab.Land. This bot will add a role, currently "True Siphers", that will give access to exclusive council-election and proposal-voting channels for Sipher NFT holders. For purposes of this system, each Sipher NFT holder will count as one vote regardless of how many Sipher NFTs they hold.

2. Special Discord Roles

Special Discord Roles with Voting Rights can be purchased using a significant amount of Nanochips. If a Discord Member holds both the 'True Sipher' role, along with the Special Discord Role with Voting Rights, they are still only eligible for 1 Vote.

Voting Process

For the Council selection (voting) process, please refer to the following section

. The mechanics of voting will be very similar as it relates to both voting for the Council of Nine members, and voting for proposals.

To vote on a proposal, it must first go through the proposal process described in the following section

. The Council will select those that they consider feasible based on guidelines and certain criteria, and then will post them in a specific proposal channel within the Sipher Discord server that only Citizens of Sipheria (True Siphers or Members with the Special Discord Roles) can view. The community can then read those proposals - which include all the information such as the Builder team's experience, their purpose, goals, timeline, expected deliverables, budget, benefits, etc. - and vote via the use of specific Discord reactions (limited to one per Voter).


For each proposal that is voted on by the Citizens of Sipheria, an initial minimum amount of 30% of the total eligible Voters will be needed for the vote to even be considered. If the minimum amount of votes is not reached, then the proposal is automatically rejected. If for any reason, the Citizens of Sipheria feel that the quorum percentage should be modified, a proposal may be put to a vote.

Majority Vote

After Quorum has been met, a proposal will be considered to have 'Passed' if the votes in favor reach over 50% of the total casted votes. A proposal that has passed will then be marked as an "Active Project" and the funding process will begin. Refer to the following page for details around the funding process


If the casted votes in favor are 50% or less, the proposal will be "Rejected". This means that the Community Wallet funds will not be utilized for funding this initiative or project.