Sipher Tokenomic

Sipher Tokenomic

$SIPHER Public Sale FAQ

Dual Token Economy

The $SIPHER token lies at the heart of the Sipher ecosystem, helping coordinate and align the incentives of stakeholders involved. The Sipher ecosystem was designed to be progressively owned, contributed, operated, maintained, and kept by the community consisting of its players, guild masters, streamers, fans, and builders. $SIPHER was designed to be the tool for distributing the value of and power over any particular operational instance of the Sipher Vault.

$SIPHER will only work that way if our builders, players, guild masters, fans, and users who acquire $SIPHER know to use it as a community mechanism, developing social understandings that give $SIPHER meaning and value. Although the purpose of $SIPHER is aspirational and eventually beyond any single party’s control, we will seek to give the $SIPHER token design features that will encourage the Sipher community to use it in a way that will benefit the ecosystem as a whole in a sustainable manner.



Capped supply at 1,000,000,000 Tokens.

$SIPHER is the multifunctional governance token of Sipher Universe, with applications both in-game and in the real-world policy.

$SIPHER is required for the cloning creation of new characters, the marketplace transaction fees for in-game items, and the purchase of special items from the Sipher Laboratory.

$SIPHER can be used for staking for Sipher Vault Governance and earn staking rewards, incentivizing all participants that contribute to the Sipher Universe.

$SIPHER will be distributed through sales during Seed, Strategic and Public Sales. Following that, $SIPHER will be distributed to those contributing to the game ecosystem.

A large percentage of $SIPHER fees collected through ecosystem activities will be going to Sipher Vault.

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Token Vesting


Initial supply at 1,000,000,000 Tokens*.

*Actual initial supply amount and distribution mechanics and schedule are to be determined at a later stage as the $ATHER tokenomics is still being determined to ensure sustainability for the ecosystem.

$ATHER as the World Energy of Sipher will be minted and burn throughout the life of Sipher Universe. A small fraction of $ATHER could be available through various distribution mechanics, leading up to the full launch of the game. Since the game launch, $ATHER can only be earned through in-game activities.

$ATHER is one of the needed resources used to power all the in-game creation and progression activities such as crafting, leveling up characters and equipment, unlocking new skills, and constructing buildings on top of in-game land.

$ATHER will be minted and rewarded to players every day for their participation via PvP & PvE and other activities. $ATHER will be burned as required by in-game activities.

The amount of $ATHER a player can accrue over time daily is determined by a combination of the difficulties of the levels, character levels, temporary buffs, and land that the player currently possesses in-game.

Temporary Design
Temporary Design

Resources Taps and Sinks

Note: Right click and Open Image in New Tab to view a larger version of this image.
Note: Right click and Open Image in New Tab to view a larger version of this image.

πŸ’§ + Characters

Cloning new Characters

The player can use their characters + Character Vessel Cores + $SIPHER to clone new characters.

πŸ”₯ - Characters

Desintegrating Clones

The player can use Laboratory to disintegrate their Clones to receive a refund of random materials fragments. (Do not apply to GENESIS NFTs).

πŸ’§Resource Inflation

Play different game modes to acquire

  1. $ATHER
  2. Equipment Fragments (Weapon Skin, Clothing Skin, Skill Skin)
  3. Character Vessel Cores (combine with GENESIS Siphers or their clones, to clone new Sipher Characters)
  4. Cosmetic Pets Blueprint Fragment
  5. Equipment Blueprint Fragment
  6. Cosmetic Aura Fragments
  7. Soul-bound Battle Data Cubes
  8. Sovereign Land Fragments (combine to Mint Sovereign Token, the required permission Token to acquire Land in World of Sipheria)
  9. Resources in the Game like Metal, Crystal, Stone for the construction of Equipment, Items, and Buildings

πŸ”₯ Resource Deflation

Crafting items as NFTs

Users can craft (mint) new items using a combination of the following:

πŸ”₯ $ATHER as crafting cost

πŸ”₯ $ATHER to speed up the creation time by paying more to the Laboratory

πŸ”₯ Different specific resources required

Level up Characters

πŸ”₯ resources + πŸ”₯ $ATHER to level up characters to venture on higher difficulty Dungeons

Level up Equipment

πŸ”₯ resources + πŸ”₯ $ATHER to level up equipment to venture on higher difficulty Dungeons

Burn Equipments & Characters

πŸ”₯ Equipment and Characters can be burned to recover a random % of resources

Fusion into Sovereign Land Fragments

Sovereign Land shards can be used by πŸ”₯ $ATHER and πŸ”₯ shards to create Sovereign Land Tokens, giving ownership rights to purchase certain key strategic parcels of land

Battle to Earn

Trading NFTs and Fungible Tokens that they earned through battles

Players can buy & sell Characters on the Sipher Bazaar (Marketplace)

Players can buy & sell items on the Sipher Bazaar (Marketplace)

Rewarded for being the Best Players on weekly leaderboards

Top ranking players in Ranked will receive $SIPHER every week at the end of the week. The amount of $SIPHER received will change over time.


Participate and win Tournaments. Teams and Guilds can join Tournaments where 16 Teams can compete. The winning team will take 70% of the Pool as earnings. Runner up takes 30% of the Pool as earnings.

Craft to Earn

Crafters & Cloners Activities

Watching the economic activities happening on the Sipher Marketplace, watching the "elo", and seeing the different strategies, trends, and battle items being employed in matches, certain groups of Users will choose to purchase and clone different characters, craft different weapons to expect to sell later at a higher price due to those items demand.

Traders Activities

Watching the economic activities happening on the Sipher Marketplace, watching the "elo", and seeing the different strategies, trends, and battle items being employed in matches, certain groups of Users will choose to purchase different items to expect to sell later at a higher price due to those items demand.

For example: If a trader sees there will be an upcoming shortage of $ATHER and certain weapons and sub-races as there will be an upcoming Dungeon release that will require more experienced characters, they will stock up these items to sell back to the market.

Guilds Activities

Guilds can be formed by purchasing a Guild NFT using $SIPHER. This allows players to form a Guild as a smart contract with the following functionalities:

  • Guilds can recruit active players to play for them
  • Guilds will have their names officially listed in the Sipher Guild Directory
  • Guilds will be able to participate in Guild Ranked Battles for Money Prizes
  • Guilds will be able to participate in Battle for Dominations to take over controls of certain Nodes in the world of Sipheria
  • Guilds can receive $ATHER from their guild members to gain temporary buffs during Tournaments.

Build Community to Earn

Fans & Viewers’ Activities

  • In PvE Survival Tournament, Fans and Viewers could Influence live matches by spending $ATHER to spawn more items or providing temporary buffs in the match to support the playing team.
  • Give $ATHER (more energy resources) to their favorite streamers, clans, and teams to participate in Ranked Matches. The winnings rewards could be shared with the Fans & Viewers. This is essentially participating to earn.

Streamers can earn

  • Cover the match on Twitch and Youtube to receive $SIPHER
  • Referral new users to the game to receive $SIPHER
  • Streamers bonus Buff. If they are streaming, they will earn more in-game rewards. The more average Viewers the Streamers have, the more rewards they will receive *

Sipher Vault Value Accrual

Sipher Vault Income Sources

NameTokens% to Vault% to Team
Cloning Laboratory fees
Sipher Marketplace fees (to replace Opensea)
Tournament Entry fees

Important Disclaimer

Please note this information is related to game design, token design & game economy that we planned to implement. However, given that the game is currently in development, some of the planned features may or may not make it into the final game. For instance, the game's economy is currently going through the design and testing process. Sipher's goals are to create a top-notch game with a long-term focus and with great foundations set for the game. Therefore, we will make the necessary measures to ensure that what we are introducing to the world will not be breaking the game or the economy, or both. The below information does not provide any advice, representation, warranty, certification, guarantee, or promise relating to $SIPHER and $ATHER tokens or any uses thereof, nor does it provides an offer or agreement to enter into any transaction. Acquiring/holding/owning/using $SIPHER and $ATHER tokens does not provide/guarantee you or anybody else dividends or any kind of returns. Acquiring $SIPHER and $ATHER tokens do not provide you with any rights in any jurisdiction. $SIPHER and $ATHER tokens are not a currency but an internet digital unit of non-financial utility that can be used solely in the Sipher ecosystem. The Sipher ecosystem shall not be liable to you or anybody else for any damage or(and) losses arising out of or in any connections with $SIPHER and $ATHER tokens. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer please consider leaving this website and never acquiring/holding/owning/using $SIPHER and $ATHER tokens. Any person considering acquiring $SIPHER should consider seeking independent financial advice or other professional advice. Please do not make your financial or other decisions based on the information shared below. Use it solely at your own risk. None of the information is financial advice, so please consider your actions very carefully.