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Overview (WIP)

Spaceships will allow our adventurers to travel within the game world, show off in their own land or their guild’s shipyard! (provided their guild owns land big enough for them all)

How many Spaceships does one need? Well that's up to how big your crew is, will you be conquering Sipheria solo, or with a pimped-out crew full of INU, NEKO, and BURU?

Spaceship Details

Hello Sipherians!

Here you will be able to find all information related to Spaceships.

You can get started with a general overview as described here:

For more details, you can find our Spaceship Article Series pages below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Claiming Lootboxes

Who can claim Spaceship Lootboxes?
  1. Sipher Genesis NFT Holders. Essentially, 1 Genesis Sipher NFT =1 Loot box per week. Each Genesis Sipher NFT held in your wallet will be entitled to claim one (1) Spaceship per week, for the applicable weeks depending on the character that you own (i.e. INU or NEKO). Loot boxes that are exclusive to INUs or NEKOs have been identified in the Claiming Schedule above.

How often do I need to claim Spaceship Lootboxes?
  1. If you want to secure the weekly Lootboxes and store them in your Account Inventory, you MUST claim at least once a week. If you do not claim in a specific week, you will not receive that week’s Lootbox.

Do I need to mint after claiming?
  1. The majority of the important functions related to Spaceships—such as opening Lootbox, scrapping parts, and building or dismantling Spaceships—are performed Off-Chain (i.e. within your Account’s Inventory). As such, there really is no reason to mint unless you want to trade them or store them in your wallet On-Chain.

How is Lootbox eligibility determined?
  1. Loot box eligibility will be determined via weekly snapshots. These snapshots will record the wallet addresses containing Genesis Sipher NFTs (INUs or NEKOs) and will allow claiming of loot boxes accordingly. Weekly Snapshots will be taken at a random time THE DAY PRIOR to each week’s claiming period — so if you have Genesis Sipher NFTs and want to ensure that you are eligible, we suggest that you refrain from trading or transferring them as we get closer to each weekly snapshot. If you are looking to buy a Genesis Sipher NFT to be eligible, we recommend that you do so at least 25 hours prior to the weekly claim periods.

What are the weekly claim periods?

Minting Lootboxes

Do I need to mint to open the Lootbox?
  1. You do not need to mint to reveal or open the Lootbox. This feature is only available Off-Chain (in your Account Inventory—after claiming).
How long do I have to mint after I’ve claimed?
  1. You can mint the Lootboxes at any point in time after claiming, only if you wish to trade them or keep them in your wallet, and there is no time limit to mint.
I’m clicking on the ‘Re-mint’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on the ‘Pending’ tab but nothing is happening, how can I solve this?
  1. Please try the following steps:
    1. Refresh the page and try again
    2. Disconnect and re-connect wallet, and try again
    3. Clear browser cache, and try again
The ‘Re-mint’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on the ‘Pending’ tab open up the Metamask and I can approve the transaction, but it keeps failing / I keep getting an ERROR. What can I do?
  1. Although Polygon is a great L2 that provides cheap transactions at high speeds, there have been more network ‘hiccups’ or outages lately. This is something that is out of our hands, but here are some suggestions that could help:
    1. After the Metamask Pop-up opens up, please wait about 10 seconds before approving the transaction. This could help Metamask properly load prior to sending the transaction to the Network.
    2. Edit the Estimated gas fee and increase the ‘Max fee (GWEI)’ (see images below)
    3. image

Questions or Issues Related to Ather Labs Dashboard or Account

Ather Labs Dashboard

The wallet value or number of NFTs is not correct, based on what I own. What’s going on?
  1. This is only a visual bug that our Development team is aware of and they are working on fixing it. However, your NFTs are safe and you can still view them in other locations such as OpenSea. The amount of Lootboxes claimable will not be affected by this visual bug, so even if you have 4 NFTs but the Portfolio page shows you have 2 NFTs, you will still receive 4 Lootboxes.
I have multiple wallets, how do I view everything in just 1 Ather Labs account?
  1. To connect multiple wallets to your Ather Labs account, you simply switch to the wallet you would like to add, via the Metamask or Wallet Connect extension in your browser while you are logged in.
  2. After you switch wallets, you should automatically see a message similar to the one below (at least on Metamask), asking if you would like to connect the account to the Dashboard.


    Click ‘Connect’

    After connecting the wallet via the extension, the Dashboard should now show you the following Pop-up screen


    Click on ‘Connect’. Now your wallet will be connected to your Ather Labs account.

    Note: By connecting multiple wallets, you can only view the Lootboxes of these wallets in the “Inventory” tab of the ‘Spaceships’ section. To interact with them, you must switch back to the respective wallet that owns each Lootbox. Additionally, the ‘Portfolio’ section currently displays the NFTs in your currently connected wallet. You must switch between wallets to view the NFTs of each individual wallet.

Ather Labs Account

I am having Sign-up or Sign-in issues (i.e. says "Wallet not registered" when Signing-up, or reloads the page when I try to Sign-in). Is there a workaround for this?
  1. If you are having trouble Signing up or Signing in, we recommend that you Sign-up via one of the following two alternatives:
    1. Sign-up via Email and Password
    2. Sign-up via Goole Mail
    3. image

After doing so, please head over to the “Sign In” page, and perform the following steps:

  1. Click on “Forgot Password”
  2. Enter your email on the next page
  3. You should now see a page that asks for a ‘New Password’ and a ‘Passcode’
    1. Enter your desired password in the ‘New Password’ field
    2. For the Passcode, navigate to your email inbox, find the email titled “Reset Password” from ‘’, and enter the six-digit number from this email into the ‘Passcode’ field in the Password reset page within the Dashboard.
  4. Once you’ve completed these steps, you should now be able to Sign-in with the Email and Password that you just submitted.

What are the special characters when creating/resetting the password?
  1. Special characters are those that are not considered letters or numbers. For example: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - ] } = / + \ [ {
Is there a way to change the email which is linked to my account?
  1. Due to security concerns, the only way to change your mail is by contacting Support. You can contact Support by navigating to your account menu on the top-right of the screen, and then clicking on the ‘Support’ button.
  2. image