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Overview (WIP)

Spaceships will allow our adventurers to travel within the game world, show off in their own land or their guild’s shipyard! (provided their guild owns land big enough for them all)

How many Spaceships does one need? Well that's up to how big your crew is, will you be conquering Sipheria solo, or with a pimped-out crew full of INU, NEKO, and BURU?

Spaceship Details

Hello Sipherians!

Here you will be able to find all information related to Spaceships.

You can get started with a general overview as described here:

For more details, you can find our Spaceship Article Series pages below.

Part 1

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Part 3

Part 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Claiming Lootboxes

Who can claim Spaceship Lootboxes?
How often do I need to claim Spaceship Lootboxes?
Do I need to mint after claiming?
How is Lootbox eligibility determined?
What are the weekly claim periods?

Minting Lootboxes

Do I need to mint to open the Lootbox?
How long do I have to mint after I’ve claimed?
I’m clicking on the ‘Re-mint’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on the ‘Pending’ tab but nothing is happening, how can I solve this?
The ‘Re-mint’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on the ‘Pending’ tab open up the Metamask and I can approve the transaction, but it keeps failing / I keep getting an ERROR. What can I do?

Questions or Issues Related to Ather Labs Dashboard or Account

Ather Labs Dashboard

The wallet value or number of NFTs is not correct, based on what I own. What’s going on?
I have multiple wallets, how do I view everything in just 1 Ather Labs account?

Ather Labs Account

I am having Sign-up or Sign-in issues (i.e. says "Wallet not registered" when Signing-up, or reloads the page when I try to Sign-in). Is there a workaround for this?
What are the special characters when creating/resetting the password?
Is there a way to change the email which is linked to my account?