Sipher Roadmap

Last Revision: February 15, 2023 Article Status: Released Note: This page may get updated if there are changes to previous information. You can find details about any changes made to the roadmap by navigating to the following page

Please note these are solely high-level milestones that we openly share with the public. They are to be considered estimates and could potentially change depending on the circumstances. For instance, there could be unforeseen development issues that could result in a delay in deliverables. These dates will be subjected to changes and updates as we continue developing our game, gameplay mechanics, and characters, as we listen to community feedback, develop our blockchain stack, and so on. Please be patient with us. 🙏 Given that there is the involvement of crypto and NFTs, please do not take any of this information as financial advice. Do your own research and purchase responsibly if you have long-term beliefs in our team.