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Dec 30, 2021 7:07 PM

Technology in Sipheria

Technology in Sipheria is a combination of technologies influenced by cyberpunk, mech-tech, cryptography and nanotechnology.‌

Monolithic, mainframe Super-Computers are used to perform many of the processes that were once dependent on the human brain, and are now used to control starships and cities‌. Mini-Computers are used as advanced reimagining’s of the smartphones we have today.‌

Many other innovative sci-fi hardware technologies are expected to be discovered, for example:‌

  • Artificial Gills
  • Space Suits
  • All Weather Jackets
  • Hazmasks
  • Holograms
  • Synthetic Androids
  • Electro-Binoculars
  • ECM for communication and sensor scans
  • Belt-size personal force-screen generators
  • Power-assisted personal armour
  • Gravity and jump belts
  • Robots of every type
  • Laser & blaster guns
  • Laser swords & anti-matter swords
  • Anti-robot positronic brain disruptors
  • Infection Protection Suit