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Sipheria Universe

World as Blocks

‌Blocks are essentially 3D volumetric forms of space stabilized on the Blockchain. They are reinforced by ethereal forces that make them easy to locate and connect with other blocks. Each block forms a platform on which elements can be generated and built. Additionally, each block is randomly pre-populated with materials from the Sipheria universe. They are isometric in nature, which allows for easy manipulation and construction by the sheer will of the Siphers.

The list below encompasses the structure of each Block:


Cities are bustling centers of commercial activity, brimming with riches for those willing to venture. The largest structures and guilds are found in these urban locations, and offer boundless opportunities. Cities are owned by the community and temporarily controlled by the Guild that successfully claimed dominance.


Nodes are clusters of Tiles that are located at Strategic locations on the block, and usually take the form of spokes around the main Cities and key areas of interest on the blocks.

Nodes are larger and provide opportunities for the adventurers. They can be used as Outposts that support buildings designed for specific tasks such as guild bases, crafting locations, gear acquisition and resource refinement.

A node grants your Guild the title of Mayor, and alongside all the settlement buildings, you can construct refinement stations, crafting buildings, guild houses and an exchange for the global in-game item trading network.


The foundation of commercial land in Sipheria revolves around 1x1 tiles that are about the size of a mobile screen. Regular tiles are land in the game, and you will have a chance to own one as the World Blocks are created.

Regular tiles come with a land title and have traits that are unveiled as the game world unfolds. These can include small-sized buildings such as private player spaces, small player stores, resupply stations, and forward guild outposts.

Tiles also randomly come with resource deposits and more

Under the current blueprint, a personal tile will be able to support the following facilities:

  • Medical Bay - Locations where Siphers can heal after Fights.
  • Distillery - Converts organic-based materials found on the map into Consumable Items to use during fights.
  • Workbench - Converts metal-based materials found on the map into Consumable items to be used during fights.
  • Droid Station - Heals up Droids after Fights, performs automatic upgrades on Droids and sends Droids off to quest and explore.
  • Troop Bunker - Allocates Siphers to squads and automatically sends them off to quest and explore.
  • Living Quarter - A space for Siphers and their friends to hang out, chill and check out the valuable items, trophies and artworks collected by the Siphers.

Over time, personal space facilities and upgrade blueprints will be released by Sipher’s Mad Scientists.

These blocks, once created, will have their ownership registered to the Sipher Network as an NFT and enable players to build additional facilities for further exploration.

‌Any changes to a block will be recorded on the blockchain to ensure the Universe of Sipheria operates smoothly and transparently.

‌Different Blocks will be created over time to increase the diversity of gameplay. Different blocks will also have different numbers of tiles and resources.‌

Controlling of Nodes and Tiles

‌The dominant, controlling guild of a node will receive a percentage of the real-life revenue produced by the block. Think of it as the governing body that controls a piece of land in the block. The revenue percentage will be determined by the community at launch.

‌On a smaller scale, players will own individual tiles in the Block’s social hub nodes. This ownership will give them creative control over a building’s appearance and commercial activities.

Early concept of Moonbase Station
Early concept of Moonbase Station

Moonbase Station

Moon Base Station was built to be a base for exploration. It’s minimal in nature, with very similar characteristics to a Space Station, and has areas reserved for:

  • A Landing Base - where all Siphers arrives via portals.‌
  • A Sequencing Lab - where Sipher clones are created via DNA Sequencing.‌
  • An Teleport Machine – from where Siphers can teleport to move quickly around the area.‌
  • A Bar & Game Arcade - where Siphers hang out and have fun.‌
  • A Mercenary Guild - where Sipher bounty hunters accept daily challenges.‌
  • A Bizarre Bazaar - where Siphers buy and sell stuff.‌
  • A Research Lab - where Siphers upgrade their skills, gear, or their companion bots using blueprints released by the Mad Scientist or found in the world.‌
  • An Engineering Workshop - where Siphers work on the creation of new blocks (new worlds).‌
  • A Shipyard - where Siphers can land their Spaceship, modify and upgrade it as well as simply flexing it to their fellow adventurers

Exploration of Genesis

A legion of Siphers have been tasked with exploration of the first World Block Genesis.

‌Once they land on the Moon Base Station, their work will begin.

‌Here, Sipherians are tasked with various challenges, and adventures to collect Ather, materials, resources, and the items that will be needed in the eventual construction of Genesis.

‌The details of Genesis are still top secret, however, this much is known: it will be a massive world with multiple cities, resources and arenas for exploration and conquest.

World Days of Future Past

Sipherians will discover worlds where the past becomes the present, where autonomous monolithic engines the size of skyscrapers run alongside early forms of electrical innovation. In this world, trustless governments rule the world through various forms of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).‌

Energy comes in the sources of Ather crystals, powering quantum mainframes. Since times long past, these engines have been the foundation of human innovation. Ather crystals, once processed, become the ultimate concentrated energy sources and can hold gigawatts of energy. They are used in all of the devices of this strange world - the world the Siphers will discover and explore.