Moonbase Station

Moonbase Station

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Mar 3, 2022 11:30 AM

“One small step for man, a giant leap for Sipherians” World Architect


The Moonbase is where each newly conceived Sipher takes their first steps and draws their first breath in the universe of Sipheria.


A pristine facility carved into the fabric of the universe by Kūsōka, the Moonbase is more than a satellite but a fundamental part of Sipheria, indestructible and eternal.

Many wonder why the gateway to a new world appears to be a simple satellite outpost on a moon. Kūsōka built the base to be a stepping stone for new Siphers as they began their journey into the new world.

It is intentionally designed remind Siphers of something they understand to make the experience more manageable. The base's architecture has been carefully crafted to prime the human mind for the world of Sipheria and the precedented scale of the world.

Initial Layout by the World Architect
Initial Layout by the World Architect

The World Architect believes that if Siphers came face to face with the sheer scope of Sipheria the moment they were conceived into the world, their minds would be irreparably damaged and their Surrogates rendered comatose.


Housing a thousand cutting-edge technologies, the Moonbase is home to all manner of marvels. These technologies are integral to the continue existence of Siphers in Sipheria, enabling everything from the creation of new Siphers to the rebirth of those who perish in battle.

Prime Gateway


The prime gateway is where human consciousnesses first arrive in Sipheria. This is a room of pure light, like a crack in the universe that allows the uploading of human consciousness from Old Earth to Sipheria.

Unlike most spaces in Sipheria, the Prime Gateway exists on an almost conceptual level, with abstract streams of data and energy continually interacting and evolving within it.

To the outside observer, the Prime Gateway looks like. a portal into a world of infinite light, a titanium frame set against a crack in the universe.

Very few Siphers ever approach this area of the Moonbase as it is highly dangerous for Surrogates to be so close to this condensed data source. A stray beam of information could accidental find purchase within them and write over the data of the original Sipher.

SCION Chambers & Sequencing Lab

The moonbase is the only known location in Sipheria where new Siphers can be conceived. Housed in a hidden secure sub-level within the facility is the SCION Chambers, an expansive gene sequencing lab and technorganic assembly line, where new Siphers are conceived at a mystifying speed.

This level of the base is home to thousands of Ather Energy Capsules. Once a vessel core is added to these vats, new Surrogate bodies can be conceived. Once they are completely conceived, new Sipher consciousnesses can be downloaded into them in a matter of moments.


Resurrection Platform

The Moonbase is also responsible for resurrecting Siphers that perish in their exploration of Sipheria. The essence of these Siphers is transmitted back to the base through Kūsōka’s quantum mainframe and downloaded into new Surrogate bodies grown on the base.

Unlike the Scion protocols, is process is not resource intensive as it recycle the energy created when the destroyed body of a Sipher is broken down.

Star Port and Ship Dockyard


The base is also a star port, where thousands of Sipherian ships dock before they journey out to other blocks and unknown space.

From this star port, ships can be equipped with the navigational technology needed to traverse the vast distances of space. With this critical download, some quadrants of Sipherian space are inaccessible.


This area is also a ship dockyard where starships are docked for repairs and upgrades. This dockyard is also where new ships are built. It is equiped with the finest zero-gravity ship-building machinery in all of Sipheria. All manner of ships can be produced here, and there's no form of damage that can't be repaired by the skilled mechanics who call the Moonbase home.

Interstellar Elevator


These elevators are designed to connect the Moonbase to Blocks all across Sipheria, allowing for an instant teleportation process. Through these elevators, Siphers can easily travel anywhere in known Sipherian space. However, these elevators only carry individual Siphers. The transportation of resources and equipment can only be done through actual star ships.

These elevators are especially valuable for Siphers who perish in combat. Upon death, their essence can be instantly brought back to the Moonbase and spun up on a new Surrogate. That Surrogate can then instantly be transported back to the block of their death.

Research Facilities


The Moonbase has a number of research facilities for Siphers to test out their new Surrogate bodies, and upgrade them as well. These facilities can equip Siphers with cybernetic and biological enhancements, or help them train existing abilities. All that is needed to enable to upgrading process is the blueprints of the desired enhancement.

World Forge

The World Forge is a unique place within the Moonbase. Here Siphers can take part in the creation of new materials, equipment and most importantly weapons, by using lost recipes, relics & communing with the Gods of Sipheria and Kūsōka. On this platform, Siphers can manipulate the very forces of creation to reshape items to create new items that are as unlimited as the world’s imagination.

Faction Strongholds

The Moonbase has a number of floating mysterious structures that are faction strongholds. These are spaces within the facility that have been given to key Sipher factions. In particular, the Maximalist Templars, Arcane Order and Shade Brotherhood.

Guarding the entrance to these legendary halls, are the representatives of each Faction, positioning proudly in front of towering holographic statues.


Moonbase Arcade

The Moonbase also has a sizeable Arcade area for Siphers in search of rest and relaxation. As one of the few truly neutral spaces in the universe, the Moonbase makes an excellent platform for inter-faction negotiations and trade-talks. The Arcade has proven a helpful addition to the Moonbase's infrastructure as a tool to help these talks proceed smoothly.

Bizarre Bazaar

The Moonbase a gateway to a thousand different worlds, and often Siphers will return to it with the spoils of the travels, eager to find a buyer. At the Bizarre Bazaar Siphers can find all manner of novelties harvested from the far corners of Sipheria. But be warned - not all are what they appear to be.

Within the Bazaar there are a number of other smaller locations such as the House of Antiques, which deals in rare relics discovered on Blocks across Sipheria.

Bar, Booze & Business

There are some quests and missions that even the factions deem too dangerous, or perhaps just too time-consuming. The Bar is a place for free-agent Siphers to go to take up these quests. The pay is good, and every mission is sure to be a challenge. While some call the Siphers who frequent the Bar & Business mere mercenaries, they prefer to think of themselves as true adventurers.

Just don’t have too many drinks while you are at it.

Hall of Heroes

A civilisation is only as developed as its ability to remember the past heroic deeds. The Hall of Heroes is a monument to that past. This is a wall that stretches across the Moonbase that features all famous Sipherian Heroes with their names, backgrounds, origins & achievements

Sipherian Council of Nine

The Sipherian Concil is made up of nine key Siphers who represent the different factions of Sipheria, as well as independent Siphers. This council of nine represents the human side of the government of the Moonbase, whom are largely influential figures in their respective communities. The council is where Siphers with concerns can come to share their perspectives with those in charge. It is a platform for Siphers to share about their accomplishments and ambitions for the future to seek support from the Council and the Financiers’ Club. Finally, the council debates policy and trade aggreements between the factions.

Financiers' Club

The Financiers' Club is the place where deals are made and mountains are moved. Only the most influential Siphers are granted access to this area of the Moonbase and what happens within are a mystery to most. Some say, they also control the inner workings of the underground’s marketplace & hidden vaults.


The Moonbase is governed by a collective of intelligences conceived by Kūsōka. These programs are tasked with preparing Siphers for the world that awaits them. They have no wants or needs other than to serve new Siphers who enter Sipheria. They do this through the administration of a number of the key functions of the base.

Sipher Induction Process

Whenever a new Sipher was spun up, the Moonbase administration took responsibility for welcoming and preparing them for the world of Sipheria. Firstly, to limit the psychic shock that one might experience when confronted by the sheer scope of Sipheria, new Siphers were confined to the Moonbase until the administration deemed them fit for adventure.

In addition, the administration were also experts in getting new Siphers acclimatised to the functions and limits of their new Surrogate bodies. The Moonbase administration were thusly responsible for the classification and categorisation of new Siphers, evaluating, assigning and validating the statistics of new Siphers.

Sipherian Starship Authority

The Moonbase administration were also in control of equipping Sipherian spaceships with a navigation system capable of negotiating the vast universe. This meant that the administration had the power to determine which ships were capable of travelling where.

Sipherian High Court

The Moonbase administration also ovesees the Sipherian Justice system, although in most cases the factions handle this internally. However, in the event that the factions are in opposition or the Sipher in question does not belong to any faction, their case is handled by the Moonbase administration.