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Apr 8, 2022 12:07 AM

Ather, the World's Energy

The primitive energy source of Sipheria‌

Players must fight over Nodes or Tiles to control deposits of Ather material. The material's concentration is distributed unevenly across Tiles and will be redistributed at the end of every epoch.

Ather materials can be found throughout the world in small amounts via dungeons, quests, and battles.

‌Ather is the energy source that allows characters to equip combinations of Skills and Items. There is a capped amount of Ather that each character can receive and hold. Ather is spent as an energy source for a variety of activities.

‌Ather material is the living energy source for Sipheria, and can be used by the Players to create things and develop their characters, including:‌

  • Equipment Cosmetics
  • Leveling up characters
  • Unlocking skills
  • Skill Cosmetics
  • Fabricating new Buildings on each Block on Land owned by Players‌

Ather material was originally created at the dawn of Sipheria, and it will grow over time as more players venture.‌

Ather Shards are used to store energy, and no one knows who invented them. Some say it was the Maximalist Templars and their herald Ser Toshi, others claim it was the Centurion Scholars led by Vicar Lich. One thing people do know for sure, the Shade Brotherhood doesn’t care about Ather’s origins, as long as it continues to bring power and wealth to their order.