Sipher Litepaper

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As blockchain technology continues to dominate headlines, NFTs, especially their recent valuations, are of increasing interest. However, the average consumer doesn’t understand what blockchain is, what an NFT is, or why they matter, let alone how the technology behind it works.‌

Inspired by the word “Cipher” - to encode and decode a locked phrase, a vault, a piece of knowledge, a treasure, and a future worth living for. The Ξ needs no explanation 🙂

Given that backdrop, SIPHΞR was born to embrace blockchain technology to tackle the Gaming Space. We will make use of blockchain technology to serve consumers through four main pillars:‌

  • Entertainment and Game creation that leverage blockchain’s unique applications
  • An approachable, consumer-facing oriented approach based on a genuine passion for blockchain technology and seamless user experience
  • An open and education-friendly platform inclusive to users of all levels of technical knowledge
  • A sustainable revenue-based model based on sound financial foundations

‌On a more technical level, we plan to continue the innovations happening within the digital collectibles and NFT gaming space through practical experimentation and application of digital scarcity, digital collectibles, and non-fungible tokens mechanics. On a consumer-facing level, our customers do not and will not have to be burdened by the complexity of blockchain. It should just work.

‌Likewise, by implementing practical uses for blockchain technology in games and entertainment, along with elements of education we hope to broaden the public’s understanding of the technology and its potential application.

Digital assets and non-fungible tokens.‌

Public perception of blockchain technology

Distributed ledger technology has the potential to be the information age’s biggest revolution since the Internet. Its potential applications are varied and its implications reach across numerous industries. However, the concept of blockchain technology, especially in the mind of the mass consumer is only slowly gaining acknowledgment.‌

Existing blockchain projects typically limit their audiences to early investors or a relatively small group of people with highly specialized knowledge or financial interests. Even then, most of these projects are either concepts or works in progress: their practical use case remains to be seen.

Meaningful innovation of blockchain technology via Non-fungible Tokens (or NFTs)

For now, an area of substantial experimentation that continues to go parabolic is the concept of digital scarcity and digital collectibles. Digital assets have seen real-world valuation, from CryptoPunks, Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, Sorae, ArtBlocks to Axie Infinity, users are being rewarded massively for being early adopters of such innovative approaches to sharing the digital wealth creation of community using blockchain technology in general and NFT in particular.‌

It is this trend that we believe NFTs applications hold immense potential to revolutionize existing industries like art, music, entertainment, social, and most importantly for us, gaming.‌

For a list of benefits that our Sipher NFTs confer, refer to:

Benefits of Owning a Genesis Sipher
Benefits of Owning a Genesis Sipher

Our Approach

SIPHΞR are digital characters, built on the Ethereum blockchain, and through these characters, you can enter the world of SIPHΞRIA where you can meet everyone, play, and compete in games.‌

SIPHΞR aims to be an exciting, self-sustaining community where players engage in the games they love. Through that process, they can collect and own digital assets for their achievements, time, and money invested, and freely trade them on the Ethereum blockchain.‌

Play-to-earn is a massive movement that is empowering players with real financial benefits in exchange for their valuable resource: time and attention. We aim to leverage this as we build SIPHΞRIA. But most importantly, we believe that playing games should be FUN and it is one of our primary goals as we build this immersive world.

Entertainment and Crypto Exploration hand in hand.

SIPHΞR’s key game mechanics are tied to actions associated with cryptography, blockchain, and smart contracts. In doing so, complex concepts are normalized and users are empowered with basic fluency in the technology.‌

Because blockchain is still very much an emerging technology, there are many obstacles as it relates to user onboarding. For instance, when the game launches, a user will require a MetaMask wallet with Ether (ETH) in it. However, we plan to explore alternatives to MetaMask as a login solution, with similar and common user experience such as e-mail and password, as well as future fiat-on-ramps for converting traditional currencies into ETH.‌

Unique design with broad appeal

The SIPHΞR art direction is incredibly approachable to consumers. Outfits and accessories are designed individually with high attention to detail.‌

The SIPHΞR marketing plan also leverages influencers in various communities (e.g. celebrities, artists, crypto influencers, micro-influencers, etc.) to collaborate and design custom arts. This is yet another opportunity to broaden our audience and introduce new users to SIPHΞR. It also creates long-term content marketing touchpoints associated with each SIPHΞR collaboration, release, and discovery.‌

A sustainable revenue model

SIPHΞR operates on a sustainable revenue model. We receive a small percentage (2.5%) of each transaction conducted on the SIPHΞR marketplace once it is launched. Our users can choose to transact on our platform or any other platforms of their choice (like OpenSea)‌.

Like other projects, we also receive royalties from our NFTs secondary sales at 2.5%.‌

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

In general, many tokens on the blockchain are fungible. Within a particular cryptocurrency, the value of each fungible token is the same, and, similar to cash, it doesn’t matter what token you receive given they are all the same. Because of this, blockchains track counts of tokens instead of the specific tokens themselves. This works well for things like stocks or currencies, but because SIPHΞR characters and items are unique, we needed to employ non-fungible token standards. To do this, we apply the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols, the standards for transactions and ownership of non-fungible and fungible assets on the blockchain.‌

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

More than just a game universe, we aim to incorporate some elements of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout SIPHΞRIA. We plan to provide means for players to obtain a Droid Companion, which will leverage AI and become the adventurers' partner within the world of SIPHΞRIA.‌

Last Words‌

Become a citizen of the future digital world: SIPHΞRIA

Our team believes in the potential of blockchain technology and its implications across many industries, but most importantly for us, the entertainment industry. We genuinely believe that quality entertainment, mixed with education, an accessible user experience, and engaging gameplay are the missing factors for broader adoption.‌

We strive to communicate this belief with SIPHΞR and our team's future blockchain projects. We still see numerous opportunities to innovate with blockchain technology, not just with games, but this will be our starting point.‌

With SIPHΞR, we’re exploring digital scarcity, entertainment, and gameplay — an exciting and extremely engaging concept that blockchain empowers.‌

WORLD OF SIPHΞRIA will be the game world secured on the Ethereum blockchain, which will later be expanded to a high TPS and low TX cost blockchain that meets the demand of our gameplay experience.‌

SIPHΞR aims to make the blockchain approachable for the everyday players and brings us a small step closer to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.‌

We can’t be sure that SIPHΞR will be a massive success, a blip on the blockchain's radar, or an earthquake in the ocean. Like all things related to blockchain, the future is uncertain.‌

But we do believe in a few things:‌

  • We believe in the blockchain’s potential
  • We believe in the rise of gaming as a true form of entertainment
  • We believe in our team
  • We believe in our community‌

Let's surge forward, Sipherians.