January 2022 Dev Update “Size matters”

Mar 11, 2022 3:02 AM

@SIPHERxyz Development Update 🧵 (A thread by @AskTinNguyen)

We've been extremely busy, apologies for the lack of updates. But trust in saying, we've been growing our team and building, non-stop. So today, I'm happy to share some updates!

  1. We grew to 110 full-time employees, onboarded amazing talented individuals in Game Design, Engineering, and Art
  2. Given our game will be LiveOps heavy, we are building a Data Team that is laser-focused on ensuring our data foundation is sound (both on-chain and off-chain data) and that all our decisions are data-driven as well as qualitative. We have an amazing candidate, that has 10 years of experience, already lined up.
  3. We moved our entire team into our physical office for the first time and it’s awesome! Photo-ops soon!
  4. image

Game Product Update

  1. We are play-testing game mechanics (camera, characters & controls) on a daily basis. During the upcoming months, we will be building our meta-game progression loop and play-testing it.
  2. Characters, their abilities, weapons. Imagine the stories behind these!
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  4. Working on the “Rogue-lite” elements in the game. This will be an awesome feature for massive fun and replayability! Can't wait to flesh out the details
  5. We are making a system for bosses, whereby these amazing bosses can be memorable and create challenging encounters.
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  7. Still focused on polishing the 3C, gameplay balancing, and enemy AI to improve the gameplay experience. See for yourself in this video, live in one hour!

Marketplace Product Update

We built the V1 of our Marketplace, we believe it has great UX for Gaming NFT Marketplace currently out-there, along with gas-savings mechanics, rewards programs to incentivize usages and moooor) But this is for another Tweet Thread :)


So that's it for today folks! I want to say thank you to our community for the trust as always, and wish you all a happy weekend! Regardless of bear or bull, we'll be building!❤️