Game Overview and Mechanics

Game Overview and Mechanics


Last Revision: November 20, 2021 Article Status: Released Note: This page may get updated if there have been changes to previous information.



Please note this information is related to game design & directions that we have decided to openly share with the public. However, given that the game is currently in development, some of the planned features may or may not make it into the final game. For instance, the game's economy is currently going through the design and testing process. Sipher's goals are to create a top-notch game with a long term focus and with great foundations set for in-game and external economies. Therefore, we will make the necessary measures to ensure that what we are introducing to the world will not be breaking the game or the economy or both. We hope that you understand that this is an iterative process. The information is subject to change and may get updates as the game is being developed. This includes information about gameplay mechanics, characters, etc. Please be patient with us. πŸ™ All comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. We would love to hear from our readers and fans! β™₯ Please do not make your financial decisions based on the information shared below! None of the information is financial advice, so please consider your actions very carefully.

Game Overview


The world of Sipheria consists of a few game modes that focus on fighting and exploration, with an end-game goal of creating an Open World Social game secured by the Ethereum Blockchain and an efficient layer 2 scaling solution (TBD). These are β€Œsome of the things you'll be able to do in-game:

  • PvE and PvP Game modes
  • Acquire, level up and fight with your Sipher characters.
  • Players are encouraged to collect and level up multiple characters with different strengths, skills and attributes
  • Clone, grow, and evolve your characters as the world evolves. Take on new and unique game plays that span across multiple game worlds.
  • Engage in battles against each other in ranked format to earn rewards, capture and conquer daily challenges for dual rewards ($ATHER & $SIPHER)
  • Form the perfect Guild and challenge other guilds for domination in battles, sports, crafts, and more.
  • Using $ATHER to craft, fuse, and own rare items and pets that will formpart of your living legacy
  • Outgrow and outsmart your opponents in competitive battles.
  • Utilizing Blockchain to generate, record and allow transactions of in-game characters, Land and Equipment using ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.

Gameplay Mechanics

Game Modes

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

Collect characters, use them on adventures, collect rewards, craft, upgrade, unlock new characters and discover stories about Sipheria, discover new worlds, take on faction quests, battle against creatures and robots in big battles.

Embody your alter ego, socialize in the worlds. Take on numourous roles such as crafting, mining, story telling, tour guides, guild master, meme master as the professions are endless.


Dungeon-style gameplay where a team of 3 players will join together to track down and fight against monsters and bosses. There will be chance of rare drops of materials and cosmetic items that players can collect for themselves or sell on the marketplace.

Casual & Ranked

Live Action Dungeon crawler where teams of 3 players explore and conquer various dungeons. If a player is going solo, they will be teamed up with other players. Players will receive ranking points through normal play and complete daily challenges for rewards. Rewards will be $ATHER acquired by players to upgrade their equipment and characters

Player vs. Player (PvP)

The goal is to control characters, battle against other players for rewards and prestige. Learn new skills, unlock new characters, weapons & classes and more. Compete in weekly, monthly and seasonal tournaments for token rewards.

Form and join clans and guilds, onboard talented and dedicated members to fight for your cause.


Live Action MOBA where teams of up to 3 players fight against other players. If a player is going solo, they will be teamed up with other players.


Players engage in battles against each other in ranked matches to earn rewards, and to complete daily challenges for rewards. Rewards will be $ATHER acquired by players to upgrade their equipment and characters

Sipher Cloning (draft)

There is no maximum amount of Siphers in the world as the world is vast and limitless. However the Sipherian Mad Scientist took on a blockchain oath which resulted in the release of a finite number of special Genesis Sipher Inu and Neko, all totaling 10,000, with potentially similar numbers for future races.

The Genesis Siphers will not be produced further by the Mad Scientist, and only owners can produce more through cloning by visiting the Laboratory. To clone Siphers, players can start the DNA Sequencing process by combining their Sipher together with a new Vessel Core (earnable by playing the game) in order to produce a new Sipher that potentially has traits very similar to the origin Sipher.


In order to generate a new Sipher, the player will need to possess and own one Sipher and a Vessel Core

Players can earn Vessel Cores via the following methods:

  • Participating in community events and airdrops.
  • Staking $SIPHER Tokens
  • Completing of PvE Quests and PvP Battles

Uncommon and Rare Cores increase the chance of successfully Sequencing the DNA of the Origin Sipher

Battle Maps (WIP)

Maps take place on "Tiles". Different Tiles will be created over time to increase the diversity of gameplay. Maps will also have different sizes and time durations.

Depending on the game mode, maps could potentially be randomly selected. These maps are prone to contain obstacles and de-buffs. Each player may be subject to different buffs and de-buffs based on their character's class and equipment as well.β€Œ


Levelling Up (draft)

Characters can use ATHER materials (obtained from PvE and PvP game modes) to level up their characters. Levelling up increases each character's base attributes.β€Œ Higher levels are required to unlock additional expeditions, which increase in difficulty.

Please note that there will be capped level and stats in the PvP game mode to ensure a level playing ground where a player's skills are the main factor for their success.

Rewards (draft)

Ranked Match Rewardsβ€Œ

In Ranked Matches, each player in the winning team will receive: (a) Rank points that contribute to increasing the player's rank, and (b) Random Loot Boxes.

Guilds (draft)

Taking inspirations from other MMOs, players will be able to create their own Guilds or join others. The following list includes some of the expected features and benefits of being a part of a guild:

  • The potential to obtain perks and power ups periodically.β€Œ
  • Guilds reaching certain member size or a total combined level of all the members within it could also unlock new arenas, areas, and battlegrounds to explore and take on new challenges
  • The ability to pool resources which are harvested by players. Guild members can contribute these resources to the Guild's Treasury.β€Œ
  • Guilds can also collect contributions from their guild members. Note that these are policies to be set by the Guild Master and the Guild's Governance Bodyβ€Œ.
  • Ability to challenge other guilds to Timed Events, essentially giving the winning guild the First Rights of Entry into Arenas to fight against Boss Monsters to acquire Rare Items and Resources
  • Guilds will also be able to challenge other Guilds for Block Domination