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Important Disclaimer


Please note that many of the features of the game, tokens, mechanics, and systems are still considered a Work-In-Progress (WIP). The information provided should serve as a general overview of the plans we have in mind. However, these could change over time as we continue to make progress, which means that some of the information could change or additional features could be implemented. Additionally, some of the planned features may or may not make it into the final game. Please be patient with us. 🙏 All comments, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. We would love to hear from our readers and fans! ♥ None of the information is financial advice, so please consider your actions very carefully!

Game Overview

What is SIPHER?
How can players access the game?
How many NFTs will I need to play the game?
Why limit releasing a limited number of Sipher Genesis NFT characters of each race?
How can players acquire new characters?
Which platforms will the World of Sipheria game be available on?


What are the rewards for playing the game?
How can players sell their items?
How can I gift items to another player?
Will there be a fee for selling items in the marketplace to other players?

NFTs and P2E Overview

What is “Play-2-Earn” (P2E)?
What is the difference between these NFTs that will be used in a P2E game, and other non-gaming NFTs (i.e. PFP NFTs, art, etc.), and how do these hold value as compared to those other types of NFTs?

Blockchain & ERC Standards

What is ERC721?
How to mix and utilize on-chain and off-chain player in-game items? (idea only, not final architecture)
Why isn’t everything about the game, including gameplay, built on the Blockchain?
Are there Tokens that I can invest in?
What are $SIPHER and $ATHER tokens?

Collector’s Program

Do tiers overlap?
What if I have more than 10 Siphers (for example if I have 10 Sipher Inus)?
Wen mint?
Why mint?
Wen private sale?
Will the Collector’s Program be a replacement for any character launch Whitelist Programs?
How will the snapshots be taken?
What Tier in the Collector’s Program will I be eligible for IF the number of Sipher NFTs in my wallet is different on the 2 snapshots taken?

Benefits of Owning a Genesis Sipher NFT

Why should I buy Genesis Sipher NFTs?
Will my Genesis Sipher(s) be stronger or have more perks in-game as compared to Non-Genesis Siphers?
What is the purpose of the rarities of these Genesis Sipher NFTs?
Why release so many Genesis Sipher NFTs?
Will my Genesis Sipher NFTs be worth more than those that are cloned down the line?


Claiming Lootboxes

Who can claim Spaceship Lootboxes?
How often do I need to claim Spaceship Lootboxes?
Do I need to mint after claiming?
How is Lootbox eligibility determined?
What are the weekly claim periods?

Minting Lootboxes

Do I need to mint to open the Lootbox?
How long do I have to mint after I’ve claimed?
I’m clicking on the ‘Re-mint’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on the ‘Pending’ tab but nothing is happening, how can I solve this?
The ‘Re-mint’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on the ‘Pending’ tab open up the Metamask and I can approve the transaction, but it keeps failing / I keep getting an ERROR. What can I do?

Questions or Issues Related to Ather Labs Dashboard or Account

Ather Labs Dashboard

The wallet value or number of NFTs is not correct, based on what I own. What’s going on?
I have multiple wallets, how do I view everything in just 1 Ather Labs account?
Wen Coinbase wallet Sign-in?

Ather Labs Account

I am having Sign-up or Sign-in issues (i.e. says "Wallet not registered" when Signing-up, or reloads the page when I try to Sign-in). Is there a workaround for this?
What are the special characters when creating/resetting the password?
Is there a way to change the email which is linked to my account?

Updated FAQ regarding Public Sale