AMA Session - 9/19/2021


Hello Sipherians! We hope that you enjoyed this week's AMA. In case you missed it, we have transcribed the responses and included these below. We've also included a link to the AMA recording at the bottom of this page, for those of you that would rather listen to it at your leisure. Please note that these were primarily questions from the community which were answered by the World Architect (Founder), Tin Nguyen!

If you have any other questions you would like to ask for a future AMA, please head into the Discord and add them into the #ama-questions channel!

Questions and Responses Covered

Q: Why is my Inu Canis Special compared to other Sub-races?

A: All sub-races have a purpose in game. They all are unique in terms of skills (playstyle) and cosmetics. In games, there's always the support, the tank, the damage dealer, etc. That being said, from a gameplay perspective the Canis is considered to be the "All Rounder" (considered the to be the "soldier"), with a lower learning curve so that the newer player should be able to easily use. That's why we purposefully envision that there are more Canis, given that the this sub-race should be very useful and we hope for it to appeal to the masses. Additionally, if you know how to use them well they can be very strong. Could potentially even build them out to be more tanky, more of a damage dealer, etc. depending on your preferred playstyle.

In terms of cloning, Canis is subject to a higher degree of mutation. This means that a Canis has a higher chance than other sub-races to clone another Canis that has slightly different attributes (cosmetically or in-game attributes). Additionally, in our upcoming Dungeons PVE Mode, there are certain bosses or levels in which you will need a Canis in your team to make it easier to defeat. Essentially, you will need your friendly neighborhood Canis in the game since there will be teams which need all sorts of roles.

Q: How will floor price be affected if we produce too many Canis?

A: One of the questions I've received a lot is "Why should I buy a Canis?". I think we should start this question with some caveats of "Why should I NOT buy a Canis or a Sipher?". I think you should NOT buy if:

  • You want to gamble,
  • You want to do a quick flip,
  • if you haven't done your proper research,
  • and you should not purchase anything crypto related if you cannot afford to hold the investment.

Why do I think you should buy right now?

  • Good entry price for the first 10,000 Inus,
  • In regards to quests, Canis will have certain buffs/skills necessary to complete certain quests or good for certain types of gameplay.
  • You buy because you support us and would like to grow with us.
  • The first 10,000 will receive all drops (even exclusive drops), will serve as beta testers, and you are also the CD key creators considered the first distributors of the other Siphers. (See list of benefits in this link
    Benefits of Owning a Genesis Sipher
    Benefits of Owning a Genesis Sipher

Reminder that this is NOT Financial advice. Side-note: Congratulations to the two individuals that sold two Sipher Inus (one each) for around 12 and 8 ETH each.

Q: Any game development updates? What are you working on currently?

A: Team currently has more than 30 individuals. Around 14 different artists, around 15 engineers, developers, etc. and this is excluding the marketing and socials team. Currently working on bosses, environmental design, level design, narrative of World of Sipheria story (want to make it deep, engaging, fun, and complex that links between the comics, game, etc.), character design, building multiple game modes and want to build it right so that we can merge the story and the game. Additional news related to gameplay: Previously, we were gonna do web-based "Expeditions" where you could send your characters on expeditions for a certain amount of time (idle gameplay), but now we decided to replace that with a "Dungeon-crawler game style" where you can play with friends or other players (a total of 3 players per game) to battle monsters, bosses, and receive all sorts of items and rewards such as $ATHER, gems, etc. We are planning to release this BEFORE the MOBA. So the goal for now is that you will have two main experiences to play by owning a Sipher, which will be PvE and then PvP. We're expecting to release this early next year, at least the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), for which you Genesis Sipher holders would act as "beta testers" and help us with the development or updates by providing feedback.

Q: Will the game be browser based?

A: The game will be a full downloadable game, not browser based. So you will be able to run it on PC, which is the platform we now expect to release it to first, and then we are planning to release the game on mobile (Android, iOS) later on. Our goal is to make the game cross-platform.

Q: Can you tell us more about cloning? How can people make money with this system and what are the mechanics behind it?

This mechanism will be released after the dungeon mode. You will be earn different items, including Vessel Cores from these adventures and then the Mad Scientist will use these and your Sipher character (NFT) to clone/create another Sipher. You will be able to sell that cloned Sipher afterwards, or keep it for yourself. This will be done via the web-portal and will take a certain period of time, then you will end up getting that additional NFT character on your inventory. There will be mutations/variations where the in-game character will look a little different.

Q: What's all these news about Comics?

A: With the help of a Comic Design Studio (cannot announce yet) that used to work on Marvel Comics, we will be creating comics that will include the story of Sipheria including the lore, stories of characters, stories of dungeons and fights, faction wars, figuring out why we are in Sipheria, among other things.

At first, there will be a one-year comic series. Two story books will be captured within the Comics in this year, and there will be one issue released every month of about 25 pages each. They will be fully-colored, professional art and ink. All Sipher Genesis Holders will obtain 1 mint pass for each of your Sipher NFTs. You can hold and keep it for yourself to use and read the comics whenever you want, or you can sell this mint pass to other players or community members via the Secondary Market (OpenSea) to give them a chance to read the comics. There will also be easter eggs such as cryptic passwords that you can find in the comics, which can potentially be used in the game (for example: a code that you see in one of scenes in the comic).

Q: Will other species (Neko, Tori, Buru) have sub-races as well?

A: All new Species will have their own NEW Sub-Races which are different from the INU Sub-Races. So a NEKO will not have Cosmic, Cyborg, Canis. They will be NEW sub-races which will have different skills in-game as well. As it relates to cloning, they will also have cloning abilities, but these will come later given that we plan to release different features such as game-testing, cloning, spaceship part minting, etc. based on order of Species mint (i.e. Inus get these benefits before Nekos, Nekos before Toris, and so on and so forth).

Q: Do you think more Genesis Siphers is better for the game? Will it provide better entry points? Or are you keen on providing more exclusive NFTs to the early adopters?

A: Since we aim to be a multiplayer game, we don't want to be an exclusive PFP community with limited players. We want as many people as possible playing and enjoying the game. There are more benefits to have more and more players. Lets say we attract many players and reach reach 1 million, 5 million, 10 million players, this will be great for the Genesis Sipher holders given that there will be more demand, which will allow those Genesis Siphers to sell their clones. We will add more value to the early adopters by making a great game, by making the game really attractive for a large player base, whether they are guilds like YGG or just regular players.

Q: L2 Solution for spaceship parts, can Inus have the benefit of minting earlier than NEKOs?

A: We will make sure that the Inus get their benefits before the other Genesis Sipher species. We will be delaying these Spaceship part minting a little bit given that we are still exploring the most efficient blockchain solution (whether another Layer 1, or a Layer 2, etc.). However you can feel at ease since minting these Spaceship parts will still be in order of when each Genesis Sipher species is released.

Q: Any decrease in future minting prices?

A: Value of something is very subjective, but we will NOT lower the price of the future drops. The early supporters already paid 0.1 ETH, so it would be unfair to decrease it from this price. Remember all the benefits that you will get from this 0.1 ETH as well.

Q: What are the effects of traits, other than Sub-race, in game? Will the Weapons have an effect?

A: We are working on an algorithm where depending on the meta-data and sub-race, you may have certain base stats that are slightly different from other players'. However we still want to keep this a level playing field so it will not be too different. As for weapons, these are COSMETIC only. Your Sipher character will be the only unique in-game avatar/character that no one else will have in game. If you see it you will know it’s that person that owns it.

Q: Sipher Atlas is very extensive but many people don't read it. Do you guys have plans to make a simpler version, which has a fun layout?

A: Right now our art team is overwhelmed given they are focusing on the game creation. But in the future we can do infographic style to make it more simplified.

Q: Who will be the top target market?

A: The general public is our end goal. We want to build compelling game experiences utilizing blockchain technology, where the game is actually good to play. Utilizing the blockchain to keep the true ownership and ability for Play2Earn, which makes it better and easier for players to earn money.

Q: How is the team adressing gas cost in-game will there be some kind of in-game chain like Ronin but with Sipher Tokens?

A: ETH is expensive and slow and we understand this. The important assets (such as the main NFTs like characters) we will keep on Ethereum given that it's most secure. But for most other transactions we are looking at L2 solutions that are already existing, or a side chain like Polygon, OR implementing our OWN side-chain at some point in the future. The latter is very difficult and requires a lot of expertise so may take longer. Don’t have an answer now but we will look to find the one that best serves the community.

Q: Will Neko be listed under Sipherian Surge Collection? or will it be under it's own Collection in OpenSea?

A: It will be its own SEPARATE Collection.

Q: What’s the earning potential gonna look like? What kind of returns should we expect?

A: Hard to tell, its like saying what the Bitcoin price will be in the future. However, we'd like to focus on making a fun and good game to play first. Thinking hypothetically, if we consider the "crypto winter" that could potentially happen at some point in the future, we would love for players to still have fun and be around the community even if their returns are not crazy insane for however long that period of time lasts.

Q: How will the balancing of the game be decided. Seeing as MOBA games rely on no specific units having clear advantages. Will the rarer sub-races have an additional benefit on MOBA gameplay? And how will this impact Canis holders?

A: We want to create a fair gameplay, especially for the PvP MOBA game mode. The way we will make the game balanced, is similar to the concept in current MOBAs where you have "Rock, Papers, Scissors", but it has skills that add on to the complexity. So your characters can beat one other character more easily, but may have more difficulty defeating another type of character.

Q: With that many Sipher (NFTs) releasing in upcoming months as stated in the roadmap, what would entice people to buy the upcoming races?

A: Due to the potential of the amount of players that will come to the game later. We can use a successful game (Axie Infinity) as an example of how large we could be in the future. If you think about it, there’s like 3 million Axies in circulation. We only have 10k Siphers now, so based on the potential and our plans to make a great game, you could do the math (referencing the amount of players that can potentially join us to play the game)

Q: Can you share the marketing campaigns that the project team is planning to do for promoting the project and also are there any Venture capitalists or strategic investors who have pledged to invest in the project?

A: As it relates to Venture Capitalists or Strategic investors, we can’t release information about the investors now but there are a lot of good ones, some well known for investing in games and companies. Since we're still in the legal and paperwork phases, we cannot mention their names. But we can say that they have invested in big game companies. There are also angel investors that can have helped develop big gaming companies. As for Marketing Strategies, we're currently investing in the product first and it will be the best marketing tool. So investing in the game, art, story, comics, and most importantly the community that are with us right now. We're also working on improving our Atlas to provide more clear information and guides, and making an effort to assist those that are new to the crypto or NFT space. From a pure marketing perspective, there are a lot of events coming soon.

Q: Buying Land, how will this work?

A: Something we are still working on and is NOT finalized. Don't want to promise anything, but we want this to be a beneficial system for the players. The last thing we want to do is sell land for the reason of just selling land and that whales buy all of it and leave it empty without using it. We are working on a mechanic (Proof of Play or Proof of winning) in order to buy the land. You CAN’T just buy it buy having the money, you need proof of you being a player.

Q: Can you expand on the loaning mechanics? Will loot distribution be shared between the parties? Will there be a base fee for the owner? Will In-game experience belong to character or the player?

A: We are still working on this - right now this is heavily dependent on what the smart contract is able to support, and how secure it is. In an ideal world we want as many features as possible, but we need to try and be realistic. However, when it comes to the ideas we've had, we'll could potentially have a pre-agreed mechanic (with set percentage split when it comes to lending), but again we are still exploring how these mechanics could work.

Q: Rough approximate on the dates of the upcoming events, drops such as Nekos, etc.

A: No fixed dates since everything moves so fast in crypto. We want to under-promise and over-deliver whenever possible.

Q: Will game be playable on mobile?

A: First version will be on PC, and later on we will be optimizing for the mobile experience. End goal is to make it cross platform.

Q: Concern about floor prices and short term returns. Is there anything to address this?

A: Don’t try to flip here, there's probably other projects that you can buy to flip. Don’t be concerned about the floor price today, tomorrow, or in the short term. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, but this is the time to invest in something that is most likely undervalued. Stay for the long run.

Q: How many Siphers do you need to play Dungeons and PvP?

A: For Dungeons you will need from one to three Siphers to play. It will be a group of three, whether they be friends who also own Siphers or AI (bots - who will control up to two of the other Siphers you own if you are playing solo). For PvP you just need one Sipher character and then you have your other two team mates.


A: You will see it around SOON. But we'd like to keep it as a surprise. Still making sure that the Nekos are beautiful and sexy. The Nekos are of the female gender.

Closing Statements

  • As a general note for the audience, it's been a week since we launched the first Sipher Inu race. We didn't expect to be sold out in five minutes, and we felt bad since we didn't expect gas to go so high. We don't want those gas wars and understand the pain that the community goes through with them. We tried to be clear and mentioned that if you'd rather avoid gas wars, you could buy in the OpenSea secondary market but unfortunately some people spent a lot of money for minting. For the next drop, we are looking at alternative methods that allow us the majority of people to mint at a price that is close to the 0.1 minting price. As mentioned in a previous question, we are also looking at other L1 or L2 solutions as well.
  • Additionally, there have been some concerns regarding the activity levels on Discord. This is very typical in NFT space, where there's typically a lot of hype right before and a little after release, but if there's nothing imminent afterwards it typically dies down temporarily. Some people can't always be active due to real life responsibilities, and there are also others who are in it for the quick flip and then they leave.
  • Thank you all for listening in today, and we cannot wait to continue building the whole Sipheria world.

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