AMA Session - 8/22/2021


Hello Sipherians! In case you missed it, we have transcribed the responses from the 8/22/2021 AMA and included them below. We've also included a link to the AMA recording at the bottom of this page, for those of you that would rather listen to it at your leisure. Please note that these were primarily questions from the community which were answered by the World Architect (Founder), Tin Nguyen!

If you have any other questions you would like to ask for a future AMA, please head into the Discord and add them into the #ama-questions channel!

Questions and Responses Covered

Q: Tell us about yourself, Tin.

A: Born and raised in Vietnam, studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia for about 9 years, and then came back to Vietnam 11 years ago and started a few businesses. Love creating businesses and the thing I love most about them is the rewarding experiences from people loving your products.

Q: What has the Sipher team seen that has worked and not worked in other NFT projects?

A: When it comes to NFT Art projects, a good roadmap seems to be essential.

For gaming projects, we look at Axie since its a great example and role-model for Sipher. They started the game 3 years ago and made sure that they made a game that the community loved.

What I've noticed that doesn't work is clone game projects, those that are "flash games" web based and too simple, or some that are quick cash grabs which you don't know who the team is, or what they are doing.

For Sipher we are making sure that we share who we are, what we stand for, what have we done, and what we're planning to do. So we want to make sure that we are very transparent and is why we've shared all this information.

From what we've learned from other game companies and projects, we believe we have to make a great game, and it all starts with great story, artwork, and fanbase that can help improve our game.

Q: How can Sipher increase the value of NFTs in the long term while ensuring that the cost of entry for new players is not too high down the road?

A: We understand that If the NFT increases in value, that's a barrier for newer players. I think Axies are trying to figure out for ways to do so like free to play Axies that don't earn rewards in game to give them a chance to play.

But for Sipher, when you buy a Genesis Sipher from us, you are buying the originals (for example 10,000 origin Sipher Inus) which will never be released again. You are also the distributor, so when cloning comes out you are the ones that set the supply and price. If you as a community come to agreement you can set the price a little lower to allow new players to join. But we have no control over that. Additionally we could make features such as NFT loaning that can allow other players that can't afford to buy the NFT to play on behalf of those that don't have the time to play (similar to the Axie scholarship program).

Q: Will the Sipheria universe be open game or more structured platform where you complete certain steps before advancing? And will you play web-based or will it be downloadable for PC?

A: The game will be open-ended but not open-world given that it requires a lot of effort and resources. Open-ended in the sense that the universe will be very massive (in terms of story, maps, new places to discover). To unlock new areas in the game you have to complete certain quests, tasks, etc.

As for the second question, we will be releasing on PC (downloadable) first and then planning to release on Android and iOS in the future.

Q: New projects launching almost every day with own utility, artwork, etc. So how will Sipher disrupt the gaming industry besides being the first MOBA with unique characters and lore, and how can Kyber Network help with this vision for long term success?

A: As a startup company, we want to make something different and unique. Making a game on a blockchain is already innovative compared to typical gaming companies. This flips the gaming system where the players take a large share of the growth of the game, which is already disruptive in itself. For Sipher, its important for us to make a FUN game FIRST, and THEN while you have fun you can potentially make money as a bonus. Unique story, characters is another way we plan on making it innovative. The level of quality and effort we are putting in since this is what attracts people, more than just making a few coins here and there.

Kyber network also helps us bring us a lot of value since the two founders are the OG in the space in Vietnam. the Kyber ICO was in 2017 and they've see it all: witnessed the cycle and they've implemented so many financial tools in the Defi world. With their expertise, Sipher can launch Defi applications in the future, can make sure that AMM market is well served, that our liquidity pool and treasury are very well managed, and also if we launch a DAO to manage treasury they will be very useful for help make this possible.

Q: Most smart contracts and both Defi and NFT projects are prone to errors, causing difficulties and sometimes losses, so how will Sipher prevent that?

A: Simple mint contract is easy, there are templates available on the web, but for smart contracts that facilitate Defi or Decentralized Exchanges, or to handle many transactions in a game are more complex.

That's why Kyber will be useful, they've already dealt with a lot of money and used very well built Defi smart contracts. This is the level of quality we want to implement in Sipher, starting with the mint contract and then later with the ones that will be used as part of the game. When we make more complex smart contracts we'll also make sure that we make use of audit companies to ensure the strength and security of these.

Q: Many crypto projects and traditional gaming projects coming out every day, what is Sipher's plan to get adopted by Non-crypto gamers?

A: Making a fun game first is our main goal which should help with adoption of non-crypto gamers. We want to focus on creating a great game for casual players that is simple to pick up and play, but also a game that allows those that want to become "pros" by putting the time and effort to learn and master the skills necessary.

Q: Scaling issues are a major problem in Blockchain industry. Will there be on-chain and off-chain mechanisms to handle millions of transactions?

A: Scaling issues is certainly a problem, especially with Ethereum gas being so high. In gaming we HAVE to rely on both off-chain and on-chain. In the game, there will be certain operations that are off-chain, where we ask you to put your faith in us, and then at the beginning or end of the operation we make sure to settle it on-chain.

As an example, if you've used certain centralized exchanges such as FTX or Binance, you are sending your money (crypto) to them on-chain, and you are withdrawing it via the blockchain as well. However, everything else you do inside those centralized exchanges (for example trading) is off-chain. That's how we expect it to be in Sipher. At the beginning, some things will be off-chain such as gameplay, matchmaking, reward system, crafting. But if you want to take those items and do a transaction or trade, you would need to do an on-chain operation to transact.

For scalability, we're looking into solutions that allow the process to be sped up. For example, we could create our own side-chain, or we may be looking into using other L1 or L2 blockchain solutions to help assist with that.

Q: Are you open to other further actions to make Sipher inus deflationary, such as burning, merging, or other methods?

A: We've thought about it a lot for the first 10,000 collection. But we purposefully removed the burn function because we think it should remain a valuable collection. Regarding the long term future, with cloning feature and as there's a lot more players and more Siphers on the market, we may potentially make it so that you could burn an Inu that you have but don't like, and then you get rewarded with some resources you can use in game (still not confirmed).

Q: How will changing expressions for Sipher inus work?

A: Typically this requires gas and is on-chain, but our team was able to program the smart contract so it can point to an URL/IPFS server that will show and bring the image for you to see, whether it be on OpenSea or in your wallet. In the website and later in the game, you can interact with the API that allows you to update where in the URL its referring to in the IPFS server. This allows you to use our tools to change your picture (emotions and helmets) without paying for gas.

Q: What is the max amount that can be purchased at mint? Five per wallet or per transaction?

A: Five per wallet, reason being that we believe that we rely a lot on the community. The bigger the community, the better. So we don't want super whales owning too many. We want as many people holding and caring for their Inu.

Q: Will those that mint two NFTs from the presale be able to purchase more then five during the public sale?

A: Yes, the 2 purchased in presale will not count for the 5 max on launch sale. So if you minted 3 during presale, you can buy 5 in launch sale and have 8.

Q: With each release of new species, will the early adopters that have access to the current presale automatically have access to future pre-sales?

A: For now no clear answer. We hope that you can still be rewarded but nothing confirmed. Just for holding a Sipher Inu you are making an investment into this team and making the community better, and we are hoping to provide some benefits which cannot be disclosed at the moment.

Q: As Sipher releases new characters, there may be some imbalances, so will there be balancing buffs and nerfs?

A: Yes, that is a key element in a successful MOBA. We'd need to do testing to ensure balancing is good but yes we strive to have a balancing system to make sure that the game is well balanced to keep it fun and competitive. Additionally, we don't want to have a pay to win game.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges anticipated in the first couple of months?

A: Mainly the biggest challenges anticipated are related to the following questions: How do we manage this first launch of Sipher Inus? How to assemble a great team by the end of the year to create this awesome game? How to build an awesome MOBA within blockchain?

Q: As a successful business owner in real estate and other industries, what's your motivation to continue working on Sipher?

A: Money is not my motivation given that in real estate business we're doing okay. My motivation is the passion for gaming. I've loved playing games ever since I was young. The idea of having people play and enjoy a game is my greatest motivation. For me I see this to be the next big thing for me and will be dedicating myself full time.

Q: What is it like to be relatively new to NFT/crypto space and how did you get to learn so much in such a short time?

A: Only been around 6 months since I started and so I'm still relatively new. When I started it was so overwhelming to learn about all of this and understand so much information. I spent at least 20 hours a week to learn block chain, crypto, and gaming. Additionally learned from amazing people such as the individuals from Kyber.

Q: Is there any other revenue source besides the NFTs being sold?

A: Although I cannot share the details, there will be a lot of sources that will generate revenue, which will in turn be used as part of the treasury and will benefit all the Sipher token holders.

Q: Are the tokenomics going to be released before the first NFT presale?

A: Will not be released before given that fundraising round will be wrapped up and everything will be announced by the end of December.

Q: Do you already have someone that is an expert in Tokenomics or will you hire someone to work on this as the game release approaches?

A: We have Kyber and another advisor to help us with Tokenomics. We're also in full hiring mode so feel free to have a look at the Sipher website and apply. You can even work remote overseas.

Q: When you own a Sipher Inu, can you make a physical copy for personal use (stickers, posters, etc.)?

A: You have full control over your Sipher character. You can make derivatives and use it as you'd like.

Q: Is there going to be an in-game exchange to trade $ATHER and $SIPHER?

A: We're thinking we will be doing certain actions off-chain, or also potentially have our own side-chain such as Ronin. Or we could also be looking to use Polygon or other solutions. Still exploring so nothing confirmed yet.

Q: Does sipher plan on releaseing public api so the community developers be able to build tools or apps?

A: We'd love to. The worlds we are creating are planned to be so massive so we are hoping to have the community be involved to create new stories, worlds, etc. we are hoping to create a simple SDK for modders or creators to make their own contact and push it into the Sipher world, and even potentially charge others to use that content.

Q: Are the inus gonna be tradeable on opensea?

A: After we finish the minting process you will be able to trade in OpenSea.

Q: Does sipher plan to get listed on rarity.tools or rarity sniper?

A: Yes already plans in place for that.

Q: Besides cosmetical items for the characters, will players be able to buy other things such as flying cars and other items that will have utility in the game?

A: One of the goals is to release a social function where you have your own space/area where you can put all your NFT items that you acquire during the game, then you can invite other players to join you in that room. We will prioritize PVE and MOBA, but will certainly explore this afterwards if we have time.

Q: As the game is under develpment. Whats the timeline for different release stages?

A: Alpha, beta already planned. About 3 months before the launch we will do alpha, then beta the month before. We're taking a risk but are trying to launch as quick as we can and then improve on the way from these alpha and beta stages.

Q: Any feature planned in sipher to form clans, teams, guilds?

A: Yes they will be a big part of the game. For exploration and game elements there will be land plots and cities or nodes that guilds will fight for domination.

Q: Will there be VR with this game?

A: Not planning to do so yet, but who knows what could happen in 5 or more years?

Q: Curious of the teaser about the social game, end game goal and how reasonable this is?

A: Purposefully made Sipher a universe of worlds where if the community has ideas and wants to build other worlds, together we can build it.

Q: plans to come into the E-Sports market?

A: We will have our own niche but if E-Sports takes off we will be ready for it.

Q: Will we have multiple servers or just one server (latency-wise)?

A: Multiple servers. Will be using system such as edge computing where the server closest to the player will be used to try and avoid lag.

Q: Did you come up with the lore and concept?

A: Mad Scientist is the creator of everything and sent me an email (jokes). No but really, everything comes from me. I love science fiction, stories, games, and movies and series like star wars and altered carbon. So all of this served as inspiration that fueled my creativity.

Q: Plans for movies or netflix shows for Sipher?

A: I have a good movie producer in Vietnam and he suggested we made comics and later on into short series animation. But nothing is concrete yet, we want to make the game first.

Q: What is your favorite game?

A: I love indie games and a lot of triple A games, but the multiplayer competitive ones are probably my favorite. Apex legends, brawl stars, and Smash bros have been where I spent most of my time playing.

Q: Will staking be done via marketplace or separate platform?

A: No NFT staking, for Sipher token there will be staking and will be done on our website.

Q: How do you plan to deal with bots in the game?

A: Depends on the architecture of the game. If your game relies on the client too much, then easier to bot. If the game relies on the server, its more difficult to bot. We can't say right now but we will definitely find ways to avoid bots.

Q: How will cloned siphers differ from the genesis siphers?

A: They will look different, the skills will be different based on the sub-race. Each sub-race will have the same skills (i.e. a gen cosmic vs a cloned cosmic, if you were lucky enough to clone another Cosmic Inu). In game questing and adventures, there will be battles or certain quests that favor one sub race over another. So each of the sub races will be valuable.

Q: Will the Moba be top down like LoL or Dota, or third person?

A: Top-down camera-view.

Q: With experience owning bars and other businesses, what is the most important lessons you learned from all these?

A: Youhave to love what you do, if you do that, you have more energy and will make effort and time to learn, talk to people, do the work, etc.

Q: Will the players have limited amount of time to play per day or unlimited time?

A: This is just an idea, but there will probably be a limited amount of resources to play such as ATHER. You'll be given certain amount of ATHER to play everyday. When you play you consume this ATHER and when you consume it all you cant play until the next day when you've replenished. But there are also ways to earn it by playing the game, and you can obtain or trade it in the marketplace.

Q: What is the plan for PvE?

A: We got a lot of inspiration from different games like AFK arena. So there might be a mode for those that don't have much time to play. And also we would like to release another mode with an element of RPG where players fight monsters and bosses in dungeons.

Q: Will all Sipher owners be able to play the game first at the same time or in batches?

A: Alpha and beta may be more exclusive for the most active members and supporters, but the first 10,000 genesis Sipher will definitely have priority over others.

Q: Will there be items that are more rare and valuable than the Inus themselves?

A: Never say never. I'm sure there may be a point where we make a super rare 1/1 weapon that you can rock in-game.

Q: Will there be ways to avoid local government in sipher?

A: Not sure if there will be local governments but we want to create guilds and clans and have them have massive influence over certain areas. Maybe they could change the terrain of the areas that they own, for example. But these are currently ideas and nothing is concrete yet.

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