AMA Session - 10/10/2021


Hello Sipherians! We hope that you enjoyed this week's AMA. In case you missed it, we have transcribed the responses and included these below. We've also included a link to the AMA recording at the bottom of this page, for those of you that would rather listen to it at your leisure. Please note that these were primarily questions from the community which were answered by the World Architect (Founder), Tin Nguyen!

If you have any other questions you would like to ask for a future AMA, please head into the Discord and add them into the #ama-questions channel!

Questions and Responses Covered

Q: We started to notice there are a few guilds coming in. How are we welcoming them and how do we work with them?

A: Super excited to have all these successful guilds coming in. Shows me that Sipher is slowly getting the recognition as an NFT game and we wouldn't be successful without them.

We have a taskforce of 3 Sipher team members, working with each guild individually, making sure that they have all the info, all the tools, systems in place, have the characters/NFTs for their members, etc. I would love to hear the advice that they have for us to get Sipher better prepared.

Q: What is the state of the current NFT gaming market right now?

A: On the topic of guilds, a lot are being formed. I recently invested in Merit Circle - big Axie guild that became their own entity. I know the founder, he's a great entrepreneur, and I fully believe in blockchain gaming and guilds to be a foundational part of it.

So many new innovative game companies can come out, market is massive. I feel that we should see this market as Gaming and not just NFT gaming. We should all support each other as we compete against the massive gaming companies and industry giants. There's no better time to be investing in gaming companies, startups, and NFT gaming.

Q: Anything to say to the Axie members that have started joining our community?

A: Thank you all so much, the Axie community is one of the BEST gaming community there is. And having them share their love with Sipher. We welcome you with open arms and would love to make the Sipher community a home for you. If there's anything that we can do to make it better, please share that with us.

On a side note, I think people can play multiple games that suit their moods and needs too!

Q: Sipher real-life event, can you elaborate more on this?

A: Hopefully by next year the pandemic has settled down or that there are COVID vaccine passports so that we can travel. We are hoping that by end of Q2 or by Q3 of next year (2022) and on a yearly basis we can have meet-ups with showcases, where you can talk to the devs and art team, have art signing, and we would love to meet the community in person to have a drink and hang together.

Q: Any news on Merchandise for holders?

A: Alain is the head on this, working hard with cool merch design companies. Mainly basic t-shirts, caps, hoodies, etc. There should be some mock ups soon and will have a website for holders to redeem their merch for free (all they would pay is shipping). Expecting in a month and a half or so for the clothing merch. There will be certain quota - say 1 free per NFT you hold.

Q: Any news on Music Albums?

A: Alain is non-stop, currently working with some artists on exclusive Sipher Lo-fi soundtracks, which will be free as an NFT for Genesis Sipher holders. From the tracks I've heard, they are super cool and chill. Looking forward to it.

Q: Recently Gaby from YGG said in a podcast that he doesn't buy NFT collections and that he wants to buy and hold productive NFT assets - what are your thoughts on that?

A: I don't think there's a correct answer or view (it's not black and white), but I think that it depends on your horizon or timeline. Some people want to buy PFP NFTs and art because they like it and that's fine. But in Gaby's view, I think he has a point in the sense that he believes in the future of gaming, and his NFTs produce a yield and income for the owner. He's not wrong because this is a new movement and is here to stay. I think Sipher fits perfectly with that and we are talking to guilds such as YGG, and Merit Circle very closely. More announcements coming soon.

Q: What is the progress on the Dungeon crawler, and will there be a "all-female-mod" AMA to fit the theme of the Female Neko?

A: Progress is going good - just finished some of the characters and bosses, and we have a game build that we can test with characters to move around and play. But still not enough to show the community. For the All Female Mod AMA I'm all up for it if you all can convince our beautiful lady mods then we can do it!

Q: For the Guildmaster program, would we be able to do earning splitting from lending our NFTs "for hire" in-game?

A: That is one of the features we have in our internal roadmap. Regarding the UI/UX we are not sure how we will make this, whether in game or in the website, but there will be solutions for you to make your assets productive.

Q: Wen Spaceships?

A: Working hard on the parts and their design, also monitoring other projects that launch in other sidechains using a similar mechanic that can solve our problem since we don't want to have to keep switching our tech-stack.

We also have some test contracts working on Polygon and ImmutableX but it's a bit difficult since our dev team is focused on setting up other big clients, but still exploring.

Q: Will we move the game to Polygon?

A: To add to the above, Polygon is a serious contender to make sure transactions are affordable for sure. In the game, players will be crafting, trading, etc. which are all things that would require the player to pay ETH gas, where it may get to a point where it's not sustainable so we are still exploring.

Also there are other sidechains we are exploring in addition to Polygon such as Avalanche and ImmutableX.

Q: Chance for MMO open world game?

A: I love MMOs such as WoW and FFXIV and would love to have a Sipherian version of this. We would love to create that in the future but are focusing on releasing the first game. If the community supports it and we obtain the funding in the future, we would love to make it a reality if possible.

Q: Any plans for staking game currency?

A: We plan to have the two tokens released next year after the game has launched. After the game is working fine, we will work on the staking side of things. Staking is a bit tricky since you are encouraging people to not use their tokens and keep in the pool. But for sure we plan to have a Dex or Liquidity Pool to make the tokens productive for holders. We will have to be careful with economy of it but are looking into it.

Q: Will NEKO holders have access to the game?

A: All races will have access but will be in order of launch: INU first, NEKO second, etc.

Q: How many languages will the game be released on, since this will be important for global success?

A: As big as our community needs. If we have a big community need for different languages, then for sure we will plan to add each one of them. But at first it will be in English at first since it's one of the universal languages at this point.

Q: Is the world fully playable with just one race or are there race-only levels or dungeons?

A: World is meant to be playable with just one race/sub-race. You can have one character class (whether it be a paladin, knight, sorcerer, etc.) to play. You don't need many but if you don't have multiple characters in a certain dungeon, you may be at a disadvantage.

Q: All social creatures, will there be a romance aspect in the game? INU and NEKO fall in love?

A: No promises right now, sorry *laughs*.

Q: How do you plan to keep the rewards pool sustainable?

A: Important for all games, not just blockchain gaming. A deflationary or inflationary problem, then the game economy may get screwed. For us we need to make sure that the resource balancing is in place, and that we as the world architects we need to make sure that we nudge the supply/demand curves to make a sustainable economy. Hard to explain without the complexities, but essentially need to balance all the in-game resources at the beginning.

Q: Will SIPHER be SEC compliant as a commodity, or will it consider itself a security?

A: First and foremost, I'm not a legal expert so its not by law, but as a founder I want to make sure that SIPHER is legally compliant in as many countries as possible. Crypto regulations are changing constantly, but will have lawyers and legal council from as many countries as possible to be compliant everywhere.

Q: Can you provide more details of how to monetize Sipher NFTs in game besides cloning?

A: Cloning is one of the ways, but also playing and harvesting in game loots and rewards from monsters or bosses - you can obatin the loot and either craft them or trade them. Askilled player could potentially get more loot and earn more.

Q: Is the Spaceship specialized for INU or will all races have one as well?

A: Spaceship is travelling device for your character. You will have it for all races since they all need to travel. But there will be skins that are character specific, so you will have a chance to obtain parts that are limited edition for each race.

Q: What is the ETA on game teaser or Beta release?

A: Soon

Q: Team said in roadmap that there would be a sneak peek of all races? Why is the roadmap not being followed

A: Roadmap is changeable, there are a lot of moving pieces and as a gaming company there's always a lot of work so the Roadmap may have changes. However we always try to be consistent with it, although it's not always possible.

For the question about the races, we already have them all created but the NEKOs have a special place in my heart. So as much as the TORI and the BURU are looking fantastic already, I want all eyes to be on the NEKOs. I apologize, but once NEKO is released we can share the other races.

Q: Overall, there will be Roadmap changes?

A: Yes there will be. We are adding more stuff for the community with some new initiatives, minting NEKO end of this month, etc. There will be shuffling around of some things in the roadmap but our most important milestones like creating the game should stay the same.

Q: Website revamp, is there an ETA as to when this will happen?

A: Two things, in around a week or more you will see the revamped Sipher webpage. It will be mainly focused on the NEKO, and presenting Sipher as a game company. There will also be be updated materials on the NEKO, mint mechanics, and so on. There are changes to the Atlas, essentially it will be a new place to find all the updates and truths of Sipher in there.

Q: Will timing of holding NFTs matter?

A: It will matter, I cannot say how at the moment but it will.

Q: Where do you see INU value going? Some investors look at the investment value a lot.

A: NFA, but suggest you do your research. Look at the fundamentals. If you look for quick 2x, 3x, then this may not be the project for you, this is more long term project where you can have productive assets.

Q: Which is your favorite Sipher Race?

A: All of them are my children and I cant have any favorites, sorry!

Q: Cloning rate for Cosmic changed from 5% to 1%?

A: If you read that far, you may have noticed a note where it says that this information is WIP and subject to revision and re-calculation. Goes back to the question around economy and inflation/deflation of resources. Cloning is one of the ways where this can be affected, so we will be very careful and pragmatic to ensure that there is a healthy balance of characters. There is a lot of research and studying, and then also there will be a lot of testing to keep those elements in flux.

Closing Remarks

  • First and foremost, I am super happy to see that Sipher is finally getting some attention that our community deserves. Shows the strength of our community and that our initial supporters are getting rewarded in a sense, and shows that more exciting things are coming. That's why the big investors and guilds are coming into Sipher. One word I have is to be very careful, don't FOMO buy, don't make trades where you are not comfortable of having a loss or less liquidity. Sipher is a long term game with long roadmap ahead, so pace yourself and invest responsibly because we don't want you to burn out, we would love to have you for a long time, and meet you in real-life events.
  • Additional note on the NEKO minting mechanic, we will be changing this mechanic and will release more info but for the time being please do not assume anything and we will release more information when the time comes. Thank you everyone for your time!

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